Choosing the Right Puppy

Choosing a puppy for a specific job can be tough! If it’s service work for you or a family member, hunting, or just a good pet to have around the house, it’s important to choose a dog or puppy suited to that purpose.

This Podcast talks about how important the decision is, and gives some great advice on making it!

The Dog Show with Nick and Joe, Episode 2

This is the evaluation form they talk about in the Podcast:

Evaluate and Score Puppies For Specific Jobs

After you have the right puppy picked out, schedule a Puppy Consultation with us! We’ll talk with you about the importance of socializing your puppy, keeping their confidence high as they grow, and HOW to do those things. We’ll also answer any questions you have about crate training, house breaking, and preventing bad habits. We’ll teach you (and your puppy) a few basic commands and answer any other questions you may have! This will get the whole family on the right track, and will make formal obedience easier when your puppy is old enough (5-6 months old).

If your puppy is 5 months or older, schedule a Free Evaluation with us so we can answer any questions you have!

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