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Basic Obedience

4 Week Program


2 Week Board & Train

100% Obedience w/ Lifetime Refreshers!


Basic + Advanced

8 Week Program


Puppy Training Consultation

Curriculum & Expectations

This package is one private, 90 minute lesson and is the perfect way to start your pup off on the right paw! Using reward-based training, we’ll show you how to mold your puppy’s behaviors while learning basic commands, building confidence, and socializing. We’ll give you an introduction to teaching him/her sit, stay, down, place and off. We will provide information and advice on reinforcing good behavior, house-breaking, and crate training. We will also answer any questions you have about your new pup or its training.

*Puppies must have their full round of puppy vaccines prior to starting these classes. This package is for puppies under 5 months.


In-Home Basic Obedience

4 Week Program

You’ll receive 4 private “in-home” lessons, e-collar, and leash. It is everything you need to have your dog off-leash, with distractions, completing these commands:


In-Home Basic & Advanced Obedience

8 Week Program

Our In-Home Training offers the same great Basic & Advanced Obedience training conducted in the comfort of your home/neighborhood!

This package is for those who really want their dog to be a rockstar! Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes and schedule lessons 1 week apart.


Therapy Dog Development Course

Curriculum & Expectations

Is your goal to have your dog become a therapy dog? This specially designed 8-lesson course prepares you and your dog for their therapy dog testing and certification. Many of our former clients easily pass their therapy dog certification after our training program. You’ll receive 8 private lessons, the e-collar, and a 15ft leash.


Nosework Games Basic Course

Nosework is a very rewarding game that EVERY dog can play, regardless of age, breed, size, or energy level!

Nosework Advanced Training

Continue to build your dog’s nose skills through additional advanced lessons!


per session

Antler/Shed Hunting Training

Curriculum & Expectations

Teach your dog the valuable skill of finding their own antler chews! Antlers are a healthy, natural chew for dogs, but can be expensive. Shed hunting is a mentally stimulating task for your dog, a bonding experience for you and your dog, and a great form of exercise!

Includes: 10 – 30 minute sessions and training odor for at-home practice.

Personal/Private Drug Detection Training

Personal/Private Drug Detection Training: Have concerns about drugs in your home? Teach your dog to identify common drug odors and alert to their presence so you can conduct searches of your own property.

Included: 10 – 30 minute sessions and odors for at-home practice.

Deer or Bear Recovery Training

Newly passed MN State Statute 97B.207 allows the use of dogs to recover deer or bear taken lawfully during hunting season. Teach your dog to follow a blood trail in case your hunting party has trouble finding their harvest!

Includes: 12 group tracking sessions. Training odor for at home or small group practice will be provided.

NOTE: Trained dogs are available to recover deer or bear during hunting season, for a fee. Contact us for more info!

Man Tracking/Trailing Training

Man Tracking/Trailing Training: Teach your dog to do what professional Search & Rescue dogs do! Track/trail human odor through a variety of environments. Man tracking is a very mentally stimulating game, but can also be used in real world situations!

Included: 12 group tracking sessions.

Pet Recovery Training

Pet Recovery Training: Have you seen the lost pet fliers and posts, wondering if there is anything you can do to help? You can! Train your dog to follow the trail of lost pets to help aid in recovering them!

Included: 12 group tracking sessions.

3-Week Tracking/Trailing Board & Train

3-Week Tracking/Trailing Board & Train: Allow us to spend three weeks with your dog, teaching them everything they need to know about tracking/trailing humans or animals!

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